Desigual and Christian Lacroix celebrate their 10 years of union with a collection to dream

Ten years … twenty seasons. It is clear that Desigual and Christian Lacroix is ​​not a passing love. “My meeting with Desigual was a kind of crush” says the renowned French designer. With more desire to celebrate than ever, this fruitful idyll materializes in an anniversary collection, Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever, full of color, miscegenation and patchwork.

We need music, fiction, art, the pleasure of living to rise above the contingencies of daily life “, says Christian Lacroix. A philosophy full of postivism and vitality that fully connects with the Desigual spirit.” I think that a Desigual garment contributes a supplement to the soul that a normal and ordinary garment cannot provide “, points out the designer, who has been linked to the Spanish firm for ten years.

professional collaboration and friendship

“Without exaggeration, these ten years are the culminating point of my trade as a fashion designer; they are the perfecting of my career in fashion, after haute couture,” says Lacroix in reference to this decade working season after season with Desigual . “From the first moment, we experienced great mutual respect that turned into a professional collaboration and friendship”, adds Thomas Meyer, founder and president of Desigual.

To celebrate this idyll, Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix forever 10 years together arrives. An anniversary collection accompanied by a beautiful campaign starring Tanya Dziahileva, Eugenia Volodina and Anne Rohart.

Color and floral prints take over the proposal that takes the purple tone as the protagonist. The inspiration? Nature and the Mediterranean style. Nothing more appetizing to receive the new spring-summer season. As for fabrics, the delicate tulle is combined with ecofrindly fabrics resulting in total two-piece looks, hyper-feminine dresses, pinafore or majestic kimonos. Silhouettes reminiscent of the magnificent lavender fields of Arles that will now be in bloom. Congratulations Monsieur, and for many years to come!

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