Beatrice Borromeo is the new ambassador for Dior, an alliance of fashion and principles

Royals and fashion make the perfect tandem. Known for its effect to exhaust garments in record time and set the standard in terms of style, the firms have found a real claim in the most elegant women of royalty. Last month we announced the alliance between Chanel and Carlota Casiraghi, the star of the French firm’s spring-summer campaign, and now Dior has appointed Beatrice Borromeo as its ambassador.

her presence at the last Dior Haute Couture show, as an exceptional guest as it was a virtual event, preluded the news. Beatrice Borromeo has been chosen as the House’s new ambassador, thus adding to a list of great stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman.

For her date on the front row, an image taken to announce this alliance, Beatrice chose a midnight blue denim jumpsuit, combined with sneakers and a sophisticated turban-style headdress. Of course, all signed by Dior. A sporty and current look that reinvents the concept of elegance. It is not by chance that the firm led by Maria Grazia Chiuri will present her muse as “a breath of fresh air”.

While Carlota Casiraghi confessed to feeling as “if she had been born wearing Chanel”, given the devotion that her mother, Carolina de Monaco, has always felt for the designs of the house of the double C, the alliance between Beatrice Borromeo and Dior is also something natural.

Since she married Pierre CasiraghI, thus becoming part of the Grimaldi family, Beatrice is faithful to Dior designs. From her memorable looks at the Baile de la Rosa to the remembered checkered cape coat with which she dazzled in 2019 during Monaco National Day, the French firm is the great favorite in the aristocrat’s wardrobe.

talking about Silvio Berlusconi

Although we venture to affirm that this union goes beyond an aesthetic question. Journalist and filmmaker, the Italian has always fled from the nickname “woman of” claiming her personal and professional independence. Nor did belonging to a wealthy family of hers prevent her from exercising her profession with rigor and courage, even if this implied dealing with issues as thorny as corruption or talking about Silvio Berlusconi. “I hate hypocrisy” she has said on more than one occasion. A combative personality that connects with the feminist vision that Maria Grazia Chiuri projects at Dior.

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