Zayn Malik on being Khai’s father alongside Gigi Hadid: “I didn’t think I’d like him that much”

The singer has given an interview in which, after a long time, he talks about Khai and his mother

Although Gigi Hadid was one of the members of the 2020 baby boom to welcome her little girl, both she and Zayn have decided to keep her in the strictest privacy. Thus, the photos that they upload of her daughter Khai are limited and also the information they give about it. Especially Zayn Malik who, after several months, has spoken about being a father with the model. It has happened in an interview that the artist has given to an American radio station and thus, as he has been able to assure, he loves being a father.

Zayn Malik, on being Khai’s father with Gigi Hadid

Khai, the little girl whose name we learned a few weeks ago, has her parents completely in love. This is what Zayn Malik has confessed in an interview that, after a long time in silence, he revealed in a very affectionate way his new stage as a father: “I did not expect that I would love being a father so much,” he confessed. “Honestly, it’s amazing. A lot of people that I talked to, obviously before she was born and stuff, they told me things like that it was going to be a big change, a total readjustment and stuff. It has been really easy for me and Gigi to adjust to the situation, “he said. “She has made it easy for us because she sleeps very well and loves her milk. At the moment it’s just about feeding her and changing her diapers. It’s easy and I’m enjoying it 100%,” he concluded.

It was last September that Gigi Hadid and Zyan Malik welcomed their first daughter together. Since then, all the information that her fans can receive about it is more than welcome, especially if it comes from the singer who, to date, had not made too many statements: “She is very good. She is a real mother. Obviously, He is always very helpful with everything and he is doing great, “he said in the interview about the model. “The fact that Khai has been so easy to adjust the situation has come as a surprise because I love spending days with her, just being together and doing very relaxing activities. Watching children’s TV shows on Netflix , learning nursery rhymes, singing, wallowing with her … It is a very different moment in my life but it has been easy to settle into it, that’s for sure, “he says. “I think that’s the most surprising thing.”

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