This is what you should eat if you want to show off your mane

Now that everyone constantly wears a mask most of the day, on the street, at work, shopping and even in bars and restaurants, the concern for physical appearance has changed, giving more importance to the most visible areas, such as the hair.

For 7 out of 10 Spaniards, hair is what worries them most about their physical appearance; their care has increased by 30% since the Covid-19 health crisis began, and the purchase of hair products has increased by 42% in the last year, according to the latest survey by

In addition, if before only women accepted the care they devoted to their hair – hairdressing, dyes, perms, shampoos, softeners, haircuts … – now more and more men are taking care of themselves and paying special attention to your hair. 68% acknowledge that they use a specific shampoo for their hair and almost 30% of them use styling products, the vast majority gel.

One of the biggest concerns for both women and men is hair loss, and now more than ever, since according to themselves they consider or perceive that COVID-19 “affects” hair loss, whether it is has suffered as if not, among other things, due to emotional factors. What seems to be clear is that the stress that the virus is generating in society in these months is affecting our hair. 67% of women admit that their hair falls out more than before the pandemic began, by 48% in their case.

Strong, shiny and healthy hair is an indicator that our body has all the vitamins and minerals in the right amounts, for proper functioning and optimal health, so a good diet can help us show off our hair. The experts at show which are the best foods to show off your hair and make it regain all its splendor:

Brewer’s yeast

The yeast used for the production of beer called ‘Saccharomices cerevisae’ has a great nutritional value, being a source of B vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It has a great biological value, that is, it has essential amino acids such as lysine or cystine, very important for the hair structure. Brewer’s yeast can be taken mixed with milk, yogurt or broths, and you can also make cakes or cakes by mixing it with flour.

Wheat germ

Within the wheat grain, the germ is the part that contains the most nutritional properties. It is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as the essential omega 6 and omega 3, it has vitamins, minerals, proteins and oils, and thanks to all this it becomes a perfect ally to maintain the health and shine of the hair. It protects cells against oxidative damage and thanks to zinc it contributes to the maintenance of hair under normal conditions. It can be consumed with other cereals for breakfast, pouring it into a yogurt or even in salads or vegetables.


Liver meat has significant amounts of nutrients, especially beef. It is beneficial for many things as it contains vitamin C, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc … Some of these nutrients help maintain hair under normal conditions, such as selenium and biotin and others contribute to normal hair pigmentation, such as copper.

Green leafy vegetables

They provide many health benefits, thanks to chlorophyll they are a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, among them it contains vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that protects tissues from free radicals and helps protect cells against damage. oxidative. It is also a source of folic acid that its deficiency can lead to anemia and a low number of red blood cells that are responsible for oxygenating the tissue and therefore the hair is born weak and dull. Therefore, the consumption of these vegetables makes the hair healthy, shiny and less prone to falling out.


It is rich in potassium, sodium, iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A. And not only that, many crustaceans are a source of zinc that helps keep hair healthy. In addition, seafood is a source of iron, essential for the normal transport of oxygen throughout the body, including the hair fiber. A good example would be oysters and clams.


They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals for hair. In addition, they contain and provide fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps protect cells against oxidative damage. Almonds are one of the best examples, since about 25 grams provide 42% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. So are sunflower seeds, rich in protein and amino acids, including tryptophan. They are also very rich in selenium (49 mcg per 100 g of edible portion), which contributes to the maintenance of hair under normal conditions. Walnuts and hazelnuts are other beneficial nuts for our hair.


They add strength to weakened hair, they can be ingested, but they can also be used in masks. Approximately 60% of the egg proteins are found in the white, which, in addition to its high protein content, is rich in minerals and in sodium and potassium). In the yolk there are small amounts of selenium that contribute to maintaining the health of the hair, in addition, there are fat-soluble vitamins (A, DE and K) and folic acid, there is also most of the biotin, which maintains hair in good condition, making it the perfect hair ally.


Both white and blue, it provides us with proteins of animal origin that are essential to have a well-groomed hair. Oily fish contains a greater amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that nourish and strengthen hair. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the contribution it produces in micronutrients such as phosphorus, iron and calcium (especially fish with small bones).


They are a source of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For our hair health we must highlight legumes such as soybeans, chickpeas or beans that contain folates (vitamins of group B) that help the normal formation of blood cells, which contributes to normal blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, they are rich in minerals such as magnesium and iron, which help the normal transport of oxygen in the body.

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