The reason why Victoria Beckham launches a beauty line with 11 products

If there is something special about Victoria Beckham’s face, it is that, as the years go by, it seems to rejuvenate. Her more rounded eyebrows, the one that has replaced the black eyeliner with lighter tones or that they always use natural colors, are some of the tricks that have helped her achieve this. And it is that the designer not only knows fashion, but also beauty. That is why she is not surprised that she has decided to launch a makeup collection named after her. Although we had known this news for a long time – she announced it a little over six months ago – or it has been until now, in September, when we have been able to see the result. Eleven products, among which you can find eye shadows and eyeliners, and in whose number there could be a special meaning.

The products are inspired by her characteristic smokey eye, that is why in this first launch it is only possible to find cosmetics with which to make up the eyes. And with which you can recreate the look of beauty that Victoria wore at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Specifically, there are four shadow palettes with combinations of different colors whose price does not exceed 50 euros, and with such striking names as: Tuxedo, Signature, Tweed and Royal. There are also individual shades, with a metallic finish. They are available in black, champagne, ocher and blue and the price of each is 33 euros. The line is completed by three highly pigmented eye pencils in black, burgundy and champagne, priced at 23 euros. A total of eleven cosmetics that make up Victoria Beckham Beauty.

It is possible that many followers of the designer have thought that it is a slightly strange number of products – generally, except when we are talking about capsule collections, beauty lines usually have more cosmetics – but that number could have a special meaning for the designer. In September 2018 Victoria celebrated the tenth anniversary of her fashion brand with a fun photo shoot, in which she recreated a campaign she starred in for Marc Jacobs. Now, twelve months later, the firm turns eleven years old. A number that matches the number of products Victoria has featured at the launch of her beauty firm. Chance or intentional?

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