How much does it cost and where to buy what has been called the most beautiful dress in film history

Zendaya and her stunning dress at Malcolm & Marie add to the list of iconic movie looks. A ranking in which we can include the eternally replicated black dress of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Diamonds or the red design with Julia Roberts left us speechless in Pretty Woman.

Without being released in theaters, but on Netflix, and shot in full confinement the film by Sam Levinson, creator of Euphoria, is giving a lot to talk about. So much so that Malcolm & Marie is running as a strong candidate for the Oscars.

Beyond the plot (if you have not seen it, you already have a plan for this weekend) and the masterful performance of Zendaya in the title role, the costumes of the film have received many praises. Cinema and fashion have always been good allies.

Among the looks of the film stands out a striking dress with which Marie (Zendaya) bursts onto the scene. It is a metallic design from the AliΓ©tte brand, made with silk and lurex. A shocking look that is already postulated as one of the most remembered in film history.

The design that highlights the cut out silhouette was created for Zendaya at the request of the stylist Law Roach, who is in charge of advising the artist with her outfits and has directed the costumes for the film. But there have been so many requests that the firm has decided to put it up for sale. Under the name Zee Dress it is possible to purchase it upon request for pre-order for 1,200 dollars. Quite a boost for an emerging brand like AliΓ©tte that with only two years of experience has seen its popularity increase exponentially. And an opportunity for those who want to feel the glamor of Hollywood on their skin.

“Since the film was shot in a single environment, we had to make sure the dress was memorable,” Roach highlighted in an interview with The Cut. We can say that mission accomplished.

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