Five trends to wear this season

After a 2020 in which comfortable clothes, sportswear, neutral colors and pajamas were the most desired, the world of fashion welcomes new trends. We invite you to discover some ideas for spring-summer 2021 that were presented by the big brands in the fashion weeks of the fashion capitals. Also, other outstanding proposals and collections that include the Colombian label.

Both white and black work as a wild card when it comes to dressing, which means that these two colors are versatile and easily adapt to all styles and occasions. Good news for lovers of these tones is that, in this season at the beginning of the year, the successful combination of black and white will once again be the protagonist, as shown by Chanel, Giambattista Valli and Dolce & Gabbana in their spring-summer collections. 2021. An advantage of this classic duo is that it can be worn in separate garments. For example, black pants and a white shirt, or by means of patterns such as squares or stripes.
It is not the first time that details on the shoulders or wide sleeves are all the rage, but what is certain is that these trends are gaining more prominence and attention for a reason: the search for garments that fit and stand out in the frame of a screen. We saw it with the shoulder pads marked in the Balmain designs and the puffed sleeves of the Loewe and Patou dresses, in their spring-summer 2021 collections.
In Colombia, the designer and businesswoman Paris Rodríguez bets on this trend of puffy sleeves in blouses and bathing suits, to mention one example.
Flowers for spring? Yes everywhere
Although for many it may sound cliché, floral prints once again become a trend during the first months of 2021, but, yes, with some variations. This time we will see large petals and fabrics with shiny effects. Some of the firms that showed this trend were Rodarte, Tom Ford, Valentino and Carolina Herrera. As for the colors, the floral prints will be mainly in shades such as yellow and pink, sometimes contrasted with black.
From fluorine colors to starfish and fishing nets or fishnet: in the world of fashion marine inspiration will be more present than ever and in all kinds of garments. The Versace brand, for example, featured various elements from the deep sea such as tops inspired by diving suits, wave-like hems and star-shaped brooches, while Burberry was based on a love story between a mermaid and a shark. In addition to fluorescent tones, metallics, mainly blue, are part of this proposal that will be ideal to wear mainly in summer looks. On the other hand, hairstyles like wet hair will complement the trend.
Urban art, also in fashion
The graffiti, which previously only decorated the walls of the streets, today also invades the world of fashion again. This is one of the bets of firms like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Marni for this season. Another proposal worth highlighting is the ‘Ipanema Graffiti Colombia’ collection, by the Brazilian brand Ipanema, which teamed up with the Colombian graffiti artists Green Amarilla and Mugre Diamante, to launch two new urban models of sandals at a global level.

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