Finally! An actor from ‘Friends’ just confirmed that he returns your favorite series

Luckily for the world’s series fans, this year could be the year with the largest number of reboots in history. Especially in the field of American series that, after years and years consolidated as the most watched, decide to return to the small screen: Gossip Girl, Sex in New York and, one of the most acclaimed, Friends. And although the first two will have unexpected casualties, the latter is the only one that promises to keep its beloved cast in full and … we have new news about it! Maybe there is less than what you expect to see them all again.

An actor from ‘Friends’ confirms that filming is going ahead

David Schwimmer, the actor who plays the iconic Ross Geller, has told this in an interview with The Gragham Norton Show: “We will be recording the Friends meeting next week so I have a flight this afternoon. I will see everyone. next week for the first time after all these years, “he said, referring to the team’s last union in 2004. However, in case you were hoping to see Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey again, the actor has He emphasized again that they will not act like those characters, but like themselves.

“There is no script. We are not characters, we are ourselves. The real people,” he said. However, and although it was difficult for the presenter to extract more information from David, he did obtain a powerful clue and that is that both he and his companions (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc) will get into their old roles during a segment of the new premiere: “There is a part of the production that, without revealing anything, I confirm that we have a script.” In addition, everything will take place in Monica Geller’s iconic apartment, rebuilt. Additionally, Greg Grande will remain the costume designer, as in the original 1994 production.

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