‘Eternally grateful’: Selena Gomez remembers, four years later, her operation

Selena Gomez fans have to be radiant with happiness with the force with which the artist has returned to social networks and to her work. As she herself announced a few months ago, she had many beautiful new projects, including the release of Rare Beauty and a few singles that are already at the top of the music ladder. However, yesterday, on International Kidney Day, Selena Gomez paid special attention to the beautiful gesture that her friend had with her four years ago. In fact, it was Francia Raisa who opened the most commented thread on social networks in recent hours.

The singer returns to show her gratitude to her friend and donor, Francia Rasia

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez remember the moment when the first donated a kidney to the artist
“If you follow me for a long time you will know that I have kept the process of my kidney donation private. However, I believe that I have reached a point in my life where I feel comfortable and safe to talk about my experience and want to use this platform to raise awareness about the different kidney diseases that affect the population “, wrote Francia Raisa on social networks a few hours ago. “Although I have not been personally affected by one of them, I have seen the effects of it first hand and I want to be part of educating others about it. So in honor of International Kidney Day, let’s talk about the impact of diseases. kidney disease and how we can work to care for those who live with them. ” Given this, Selena Gomez shared the publication of her friend under a simple, clear message: “Thank you for blessing me. I am eternally grateful.”

Four years ago, in 2017, the artist from Lose you to Love Me underwent a kidney transplant due to complications from her autoimmune disease, lupus. The kidney in question, given by her friend, managed to improve Selena Gomez’s condition and, in turn, she became more aware of this disease. Last December, for the first time, he even showed the scar resulting from the surgery, with the same objective: “At the beginning of my recovery I was a bit sad. You have enough with what you are going through and, in addition, you have this species pressure. I did not feel comfortable with my body, “he wrote. “But at the same time I am surrounded by the best people, who see behind the things in which we lock ourselves. I would not be here if it weren’t for this scar and now I look at it in another way. I feel like a warrior,” she concluded .

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