Adidas launches ‘The Simpsons’ sneakers based on ‘Krusty Burger’ and ‘Moe’

It is a common strategy for clothing companies to ‘borrow’ the image of celebrities, artists and even fictional characters to make their designs. In fact, a couple of months ago the Air Jordan 1 of the Colombian reggaeton player J Balvin became known, a model made by the Nike brand that sold quite well, as it sold out shortly after leaving.
Recently, it became known that Adidas, perhaps Nike’s most recognized rival, made a new release: a pair of sneakers inspired by the ‘Krusty burger’, a product sold in the popular American animated series ‘The Simpsons’.
But Adidas did not stop there, it was also learned that in the coming months it wants to continue paying homage to the family of ‘Marge’ and ‘Homer Simpson’, as it is going to launch a design inspired by the ‘Moe Flare’.

What is it about? The ‘Moe Flare’ is the name of a kind of cocktail that appeared in the tenth chapter of the third season of the series, which bears the same name.

It was launched in 1991 and is part of the tribute that Adidas wants to do not only to television production, but to the cultural moment in which it appeared.
In the episode, ‘Moe’, the owner of the bar that ‘Homer’ frequents, is going through serious financial hardships, so ‘Homer’ tells him the secret recipe for a drink that he himself discovered in his house. Among other things, it includes cough syrup and a small spark, which creates a flare on the surface of the glass.

‘Moe’ steals the recipe from ‘Homer’ and names it ‘Flare Moe’.
The reference has delighted fans of the series, as many have pointed out that Adidas did not limit themselves to making designs based on the main characters, but managed to capture curious and specific narrative elements that, however, generate a lot of nostalgia.

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