5 keys to being ‘good’ fashion consumers

Resolution guide to help you rethink your habits and organize your purchasing decisions.
The trend to implement healthy and sustainable changes around diet, work and exercise has been on the rise on pandemic days. But we cannot leave aside something that is part of our day to day: dressing.

Therefore, today we share a guide to fashion purposes and how to fulfill them. Thus, you can wear what you like without guilt.

The fashion industry is growing at such a frenetic rate that it is sometimes unsustainable for the environment. For that reason, responsible consumption takes on a lot of relevance and, in recent years, we have seen interest in consuming brands that implement sustainable initiatives.

Laura Castro, director of the La Cosmo concept store, advises: “Ask yourself if you really need it and how much you are going to use it … Do not buy on a whim, but by necessity”, and emphasizes the materials: “Understand the impact that fibers cause the planet; Much of the clothing is made of synthetic materials, with a high impact on water, animals and even ourselves. This is why looking for and preferring garments with natural raw materials has less impact and, on the contrary, we may be entering a circular cycle of consumption ”.

  1. Support local designers
    It is time to open the picture, discover proposals and support Colombian brands and designers with talent and creativity that contribute to the growth and positioning of Colombian fashion.

“9.7% of the country’s GDP is precisely from the fashion industry, and this industry employs more than 600,000 people,” says Paula Peña, associate director at Creare and Latin Curated. “We must buy local … And we can help by going to physical or virtual fairs.” Paola Martínez, creative director of the Casarama virtual store, affirms: “It is a way to strengthen the country’s economy, generating employment and growth in the industry.”

And Daniela Riaño, fashion stylist, maintains: “My fashion purpose is to support the local and acquire their products, more specifically from a current or trend of streetwear and comfort, because they are part of the moment and they are representing us.”

  1. Make the most of what you have and yes, it is worth repeating
    You must know how you are going to get the most out of each garment to prevent it from being stored and unused. “Think timeless,” says Ana d’Carvalho, stylist and color specialist. “Thinking outside the fashion system helps create looks that are part of your style.”

For those who have garments that they do not use, the expert suggests: “Select the basic pieces and imagine how to use that same piece in three ways. A denim blouse can be a jacket or a third piece, as part of a dress. It is important to play with accessories and mix classic pieces with statement pieces, taking into account personal style.

Repeating is part of our responsibility as fashion consumers. If you find your style and know where to invest and how to combine, repeating shouldn’t be scary, ”she adds.

  1. Give a second life to what you no longer use
    When garments are given a second life, you are not only helping the environment, but also reducing the demand for it to be produced in an accelerated way. In addition, economically it is an advantage, since it can become a new source of income or savings.

How to do it? There are several options, one of which is the round2feed platform, where people can sell, buy and donate second-hand clothing and items that are in good condition. “This platform’s philosophy is to give a second chance to all things that are still in excellent condition and what it seeks is to encourage us to recycle, reuse and reduce, in turn, all the impacts we generate”, says Eliana González, co-founder of round2feed.

Another action is to join the donation or recycling campaigns that brands do throughout the year.

  1. Be aware of protective clothing
    Several brands and designers decided to explore in the manufacture of a new fashion that, in addition to fulfilling the function of protecting, incorporates their own styles and is committed to functionality and versatility.

Although it is still too early to establish if it is a passing trend, the truth is that it has been the way to stay and, apparently, during 2021 we will continue to be familiar with the concepts of biosafety in fashion, as demonstrated by the Arturo Calle Business Group and its first antiviral and antibacterial collection, which was made with textiles that have specialized technology that gives an ‘antiviral and antibacterial finish’ to the garments. Mónica Gamboa, image and personal brand consultant, recommends making sure that these garments fulfill their function and are comfortable, “consider that they are part of our image and, as well as the rest of the elements that make it up, integrate them into our style”.

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