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El día que la falda pantalón paralizó el tráfico del centro de Madrid

On February 22, 1911, two women had to take refuge in a portal from the mob of detractors of the garment that was persecuting them.In her last interview, on the online show...

When fashion is art

From Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian to Vuitton's recent collaboration with artist Jeff Koons. We take a journey through history, highlighting the times in which designers have been inspired by art for their...

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Iranian Women’s Clothing

Whenever you hear the word "Iranian women's clothing", you probably envision colorful and patterned shirts. In addition to their long hair and large black...

How to increase and buy Instagram views?

Post Sponsored by With the advancement of technology and the use of the Internet and smart phones, we see the use of social programs...

Xiaomi 12 Review

Xiaomi 12 Review Before starting the review, I would like to thank the Vayava store for having sent us this Xiaomi 12. A compelling and...