Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel. “For us, comfort is a state of mind”

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey form one of the couples with the most chemistry of the moment. And from that mix of characters is born the unisex collection that Tina has co-created for The Kooples, inspired by the actor. A wise compilation of fusion garments that narrate the adventure of being free and authentic.

Tina Kunakey, (Toulouse 1997) model and wife for three years of Vincent Cassel (Paris, 1966), appears walking barefoot on the soft carpet of The Kooples offices in Paris. In a few seconds, Vincent, in a linen shirt in the middle of winter, smiling, very tall and thin, sits next to her. In tenths of a second he composes a professional gesture, but a quick glance between them, and the echo of laughter in the hallway, reveal that, moments before, they were dead laughing. The new capsule collection that Tina has created is her first foray into fashion design and it may not be her last: “From a very young age I have posed for surf brands in Biarritz, where I grew up, but I really wanted to be a professional athlete; I trained twice a day until I got injured. So, at 16, I went to Madrid to study, and to pay for school I started working with a modeling agency. From then on, I haven’t stopped. Now I’m a model, But I love design and I find creating new things fascinating. I don’t put limits on myself. “

For this collaboration with the Parisian brand, “Tina x Vincent”, the model has been inspired by Vincent’s tastes and everything that he would steal from his wardrobe: “It is a collection with tailored jackets, wide shirts with an impeccable cut and made with quality fabrics. All in a casual and timeless key, in neutral tones and with a vocation to be shared. There are also feminine details that I have wanted to incorporate, such as fabrics with movement or lined buttons. But the priority has been to create garments comfortable, like the ones men have always enjoyed. I can’t imagine dressing myself in something uncomfortable or that doesn’t represent me; it can ruin my day. ” Vincent confirms that comfort is a state of mind for them, although they confess that after a year without red carpets they miss dressing in style.

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