Olympic fashion

With the Rio 2016 games about to begin, we analyze the fashion component of these Olympics.
Like every four years, a large number of designers and brands have put their creative minds to work to create the kits for their respective countries. Tomorrow, at the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (which will begin at 1:00 am, Spanish time), we will see the different creations of each country parade to dress their representatives in these Olympics.

These are some examples:

1-Canada – Dsquared2

Two heads are always better than one, and this is well known by Canadians, who have been lucky enough that the twins Dean and Dan Caten, designers behind the Dsquared2 brand, create their kit, turning it, if not the best, into one. one of the best of these Olympic Games.

2-Sweden – H&M

With a clearly sporty and modern style, the great Swedish multinational H&M dresses its country making it stand out clearly from the rest. For the manufacture of sports garments, H&M has asked its Olympic athletes to participate in the process of creating these, thus being able to obtain maximum functionality and comfort from them

3-Great Britain – Stella McCartney

The English designer, daughter of Paul McCartney, has developed the kit for the British federation together with Adidas. As in London 2012, the designer once again sets the bar very high, creating very modern and visually attractive designs, full of patterns and in which the three colors of the English flag stand out. All this, together with the experience that Adidas provides in the manufacture of sportswear.

4-Cuba – Christian Louboutin

The French designer, author of the iconic red-soled shoes, has been responsible for the uniforms of the Cuban Olympic team. Providing a style with a clearly Caribbean air, and with a touch of aviation pilot, accompanied by exceptional footwear based on the Cuban flag, Louboutin manages to hit the nail on the head with his proposals for Rio 2016.

5-France – Lacoste

Having created the French kit for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, Lacoste now repeats at the Olympics. The French brand brings a young but classic style to the kit of its country, in which the polo shirts stand out, a hallmark of the firm, which has been dressing athletes for almost a century.

6-Italy – Armani

From a more sober style and taking the Italian kit towards a sporty-luxury style, Giorgio Armani is in charge of creating the Italian uniform for these Olympic Games.

7-United States – Ralph Lauren

Considered one of the designers who has best captured the essence of his country, Ralph Lauren charges the American Olympians with a style with a 100 percent American flair. In their designs you can see, on the front, the American flag next to the legendary icon of the brand and, on the back, the abbreviation USA, written in a typeface reminiscent of the sweatshirts of American universities. Lauren already has experience as he has been designing uniforms for all Wimbledon employees for a decade.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the Spanish kit: far from the style of the aforementioned designers, closer to fashion than sport, ours is closer to the design of a normal sports kit, for any occasion. Although, at least, this time, it has been created by a Spanish brand, Joma, which will be repeated at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
We hope that, in the future, some of our designers will put their talent at the service of our athletes and dare to create a kit to compete with other countries, not only in sports events but also in the Olympic Style.

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