If you love romantic blouses this is the brand you should follow

As supportive of the basics as we are, our wardrobe needs some of those special, artisan garments with personality that lift up any look. The blouses of the Galician firm Andiรณn Clothing are that careful, with a romantic cut and made with all the care and the best chosen fabrics. It is love at first sight.

Andiรณn Clothing manufactures in Galicia, to order, and with the most wonderful fabrics you can imagine

Who has not dreamed of wearing some of those beautiful and worked blouses that Keira Knightley or Kate Winslet wore in the films inspired by the Jane Austen novels, be it Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensitivity? Or in Little Women, or in the novels of the Bronte sisters. If romance and craftsmanship are your thing, this is your brand. Closed at the neck, demure, with honeycomb or large embroidered collars on high-quality printed fabrics, these are the shirts produced by this Galician family workshop with more than 30 years of experience behind it.

From Miu Miu to La Veste, they have found their place in the trends, but these are particularly pretty and delicate. With names like Amy, Jane, Mary Rose, Filippa, Claudia or Clarice, and prices between 140 and 198 euros, depending on the fabrics, which can be silks, taffeta, cotton with lace โ€ฆ they triumph on Instagram thanks to the know-how of a brand that makes custom garments for women, children, for special events โ€ฆ even home clothes.

They also make funny girlish shorts to match the blouses, romantic dresses, with a price around 300 euros and details such as the adjustments in the cuffs and a great commitment to the recovery of old fabrics – look at the Celina model in her IG , with a price of 298 euros-; also precious padded jackets and coats, such as the Valentina model, with small flowers with a check lining, or the Federica blazer, with its large wavy neck, in different fabrics and colors.

The firm is building a website to improve the operation of orders and lighten the waiting list, since its community is growing or little and they have almost 40,000 followers on IG, who they serve in a very personalized way, responding to all your doubts and questions. You can also get their clothes through some multi-brand stores such as Marmott or Pietra. Madrid

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